v1.0 Beta

I have done my best to secure this template and to make sure that your information is safe. However, keep in mind that this template is still just in a beta stage and there are still things that need done to help polish the design and secure any issues that are found.

Client/Server Security

The template has a secure connection. The data being sent is using ssl and all transfers are encrypted. The template also uses the meekrodb library for managing sql data. This library was chosen because it is secure and automatically escapes your data. Allowing you to code without any worry of sql injection. I have also added security checkpoints to the verification, which includes : Sanitizing and validating user input, email verification for new accounts, easy Account Recovery through email, IP verification for ADMIN tools, and many other security checkpoints to keep your data safe and your project protected.

Plugin/Tools Security

The security of the plugins being used are different. The File Manager, Data Manager, Data Builder and Sales Manager are created from two MIT github templates. They have been modified and integrated into Evonet to help ease the burder of online development. These are temporary tools to use for development and debugging. The templates themselves are not 100% secure, (They still need a little work) but I have layered the same Evonet security over them so that they cannot be reached without proper ADMIN verification. This also uses a special token system that only gives a single connection at a time. It verifies the ADMIN, creates a token, connects to a plugin, then deletes the token to stop any further access. If you browse away from it, close the tab or refresh the page, another ADMIN token must be created by connecting through the client again.

Open-Source : I have licensed Evonet under MIT and I hope others will help me update and fix any security issues that are found. In time, we can create a stable and secure framework for 3DGS developers.